What began as my simple desire to cheer your day has become it’s own thing. It’s grown into something I think about every day, and try to share more days than not. #DAILYCHEER has become a (mostly) daily habit of 1-3 minute videos from me to you. Quick little tidbits of encouragement for your day, as if we met on the street or called to check in. From me to you, Daily Cheer!

#DAILYCHEER originated on my primary @MarilynHortonDotCom YouTube channel, but within the first month, I decided it deserved its own space especially for those truly seeking some daily cheering, so now you can find those videos HERE and at @#DAILYCHEER.

And, here’s a quick list of #DAILYCHEER episodes, so you can pick and choose what you’d like to see most! Enjoy and until I see you again, I hope that YOU are making it a great day!