NEW VIDEO UP: Texas Truisms Confirmed

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Texas is such a fun state to be from, and it’s an even funner (yeah, I said funner…deal) state to return to after living in the Midwest. Since returning to the Lone Star State, I’ve seen things that used to be the “norm” and now stand out to me, and usually also make me laugh a little.Where else would I choose to share these insights, but right here with y’all?!?

Enjoy the hilarity that is this collection of hilarity: Texas Truisms Confirmed!

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The Tastiest, Healthiest, Most Energizing & Wonderful Smoothie EVER!

Smoothie 20131213.jpgThis is my personal, humble opinion, but I believe that this is the Tastiest, Healthiest, Most Energizing & Wonderful Smoothie Recipe EVER! But don’t just take my word for it…try it yourself!

Here’s what I used and why:

KALE: Kale is a high-protein green veggie with heavy doses of Vitamins A & C and anti-cancer goodness. It’s a great source of fiber so it nourishes and cleanses. It’s a great immune system booster and keeps our bodies healthy inside and out. This is my FAVE green veggie and is an all-around great superfood!

BLUEBERRIES: Blueberries are also great antioxidants, high in Vitamins A & C, as well as bioflavonoids. They boost our immune systems, power up our eyesight, and cleanse and protect our blood vessels. All these benefits and they also add great flavor to our smoothie! I prefer frozen blueberries because they are flash-frozen for that always fresh, always great flavor!

COCONUT OIL: Oh how I love Coconut Oil…let me count the ways! This good stuff aids in digestion and boosts metabolism. It helps your body fight diseases and the common cold. It’s an awesome product and adds some YUMMY coconutty flavor to our smoothie–it’s a win-win! If you want to know another way I love to use coconut oil, be sure and check out my vid about Oil Pulling:

BANANA: One question: Can you have a smoothie recipe without including banana? NOT ME!!! Bananas add great texture and sweetness, which help to counterbalance tangier flavors like the kale, while also packing our smoothie with fiber, energy boosting carbs, and potassium. Plus, who doesn’t have a bunch of bananas in their kitchen??? They’re just easy!

HONEY: Always purchase your honey from a locally produced source so that you can not only enjoy a fresher product and support your regional farmers, but you will have the added benefit of helping stave off allergies and sinus issues as the local honey contains the allergens which then work to train your body not to fight them. After all, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…and enjoy freedom from regional allergy issues that can lead to so much more!

APPLE: Crisp and full of sweet flavor, apples are an excellent addition to any smoothie (if your blender can truly break them down and turn them into something other than crispy chunks in your smoothie). They are a great source of fiber, so they not only detox your body but also help keep your cholesterol down, aid in digestion, and help your body glow! Leave the skins on if your blender can handle them because that’s where most of the power-packing nutrients are; if your blender won’t cooperate, you can also pre-juice your apples and use the juice as a liquid base to your smoothie.

TOFU: I use soy products sparingly, but in the case of the perfect smoothie, a few dollups of soft tofu is a great way to add protein and additional smoothie texture.

ALMOND MILK: I used to love to make my own almond milk, but now I don’t have to: it’s readily available even on standard grocery store shelves and it’s a lot less expensive than making it myself. This good stuff adds my liquid to make my smoothie so rich and creamy, while also adding protein without dairy that clogs sinuses and creates mucus issues (bleh!). On top of the good reasons to use almond milk as the base for your smoothie, it also tastes great and has a nice, long shelf life, too!

Enjoy & Make it a great day,


5 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Cold FAST {+Video}

Hello all! Today I’m home sick with the same nasty sinus gunk that plagues so many this time if year, so I thought what better way to spend my time than to share with you my sure fire get well quick tricks! Whether you’re just starting to feel puny or if you’ve come down with the full-blown head cold, sinus junk, chest congestion, whatever…these steps will help you recover faster and get back to doing the things you love!

Sinus rinseStep 1: Sinus rinse
Whether you’re feeling stopped-up and congested or not, mixing a saline packet into distilled water, and running the solution through your sinus cavity once or twice a day will do wonders for you! This step not only helps rid your sinuses of any of the allergens that are triggering your irritation, but will also gently dry and soothe your sinuses. With the irritating mucus cleared out and dried out, your sinuses can relax, de-swell, and the wonderful result will be a release of the pressure in your head. Ahhhh.

Step 2: Gatorade-it-upGatorade
My genius doctor uncle told me this secret about ten years ago when I was sick with pneumonia. He told me to get four bottles of 32oz Gatorade and drink one bottle an hour for four hours straight. If you’ve ever had pneumonia then you know how incredibly miserable and painful it is…if you haven’t, just imagine if your lungs were full of cement and shards of glass. When Dr. Uncle gave me this advice I was ready to try anything! At the end of the four hours I felt worlds better! I was still on my meds from my family doc, but it was the Gatorade trick that made for the fastest turn-around in how I felt. Since then, I have utilized this Gatorade step anytime I’m feeling a cold coming on. It’s a miracle-worker! (NOTE: for this step, alternatives like PowerAde or store brands don’t work nearly as effectively…sorry!)

Vitamin CStep 3: Heavy C
I know there are mixed reviews as to whether or not Vitamin C really helps your immune system battle illness, but I know one thing for sure: it works for me! When anyone in my house is sick, my whole family goes on a heavy Vitamin C regimen. My personal dosage is 6,000 mg/day, and I have the kids take 3,000 mg/day. These are pretty hefty doses, so before upping your Vitamin C intake be sure your gut won’t revolt! The best thing to do is to start out at around 3,000 mg/day and always take the Vitamin C with meals or heavy snacks to help prevent tummy irritation. Vitamin C works great for me!!

Step 4: Hot tea & honeyHoney
Drinking hot tea or hot water with locally manufactured honey will help you immensely when you’re battling a cold. The warmth of the drink will help stave off your chills and will help loosen any mucus thickness you have going on. The super-hydration will further help thin the mucus to prevent sinus and throat irritation, and will plump up and empower your body’s cells to get in gear and fight in the name of all things healthy! Local honey is a great ingredient to help soothe your throat from coughing and drainage, but is also a wonderful way to familiarize your body with the natural regional allergens so they will not be viewed by your body’s defense mechanisms as harmful.

ApplesStep 5: Feed your cold
When you are sick and congested and runny and stopped up and feverish and miserable the last thing you need is foods or drinks that well magnify the problem! Therefore, stay away from any dairy-based products and keep meat products to a bare minimum while you’re sick. Dairy thickens the mucus in our bodies, which we don’t need on a normal day but really don’t need when we’re already sick. Meats behave in much the same way, but are also just a lot for your body to digest when it’s busy fighting the cold. So, steer clear of the steers 🙂

*BONUS STEP: Resist the sniffTissues
Do not sniff the junk in your head back up into your head…blow it out! Blow your nose constantly when you’re dealing with any sort of head congestion or sinus issue. If you sniffle or snort, you’re going to keep those irritants up in your head, which is just going to slow your recovery time. So, resist the urge to sniff and get that gunk out!

I hope these tips are helpful to you, as they sure work for me and my family. Thanks so much for checking in. Now, I have to go refill my honey water. Enjoy the full YouTube video below and I’ll catch you on the flip side…

Make it a great day,